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Vision, Mission & Values

Engage, Enrich, Excel

  • Our Connected Curriculum enables every child to engage in a skills-based, knowledge-rich curriculum underpinned by our school values.

  • We enrich our children with wider opportunities which nurture and develop children’s character and talents.

  • Over their four-year journey, all children excel and become life-long learners and admirable members of modern British society. 

Ravenscote Mission Statement

Ravenscote Junior School seeks to create a safe, happy and healthy learning environment.

We believe that every member of our community is a lifelong learner. Together we can foster the hopes and dreams of our learning community.

We believe that all learners have a right to be challenged and motivated to enable them to achieve their potential academically, personally, socially and emotionally.

As an inclusive learning community we believe that every child does matter and it is our duty to prepare our children for the challenges of the 21th Century.

Providing high quality learning experiences is the foundation of our school.

We believe in excellence for all and strive to deliver a wide range of extra-curricular experiences which enable the children to grow in confidence and strive to become successful members of our community.

We believe that Teaching and Learning is a process of co-operative teamwork and welcome and encourage the involvement of parents and others in the community.

School Values

Our school values help define our community and enable every member of our school to prepare themselves for learning and life. Understanding each other and the remarkable talents we all have is essential to successful learning.

The following key values help prepare our children for life in modern Britain


Recognising and celebrating that we are all different but should all be treated the same is a key value at Ravenscote. When we examine respect we provide the children with time to reflect and understand their role within society. We help develop mutual respect and this promotes tolerance for all individuals in our community. We respect each other and speak out if we do not see this modeled.


Every member of our learning community has a responsibility to uphold the values of our community. We are all responsible for our learning journey and we encourage all pupils to be independent and responsible citizens.


Honesty is a fundamental aspect of school.We acknowledge that we are not perfect, however, if we make a mistake we must be honest and use it as a learning opportunity. Telling the truth is not an option, but a way of life!


We welcome and celebrate every member of our school team as we recognise that everyone enriches our community. No individual is more important than another in our community. We support one another, look out for one another and celebrate each other. Team work enables us to achieve our hopes and dreams.


We expect the best and strive to provide exceptional learning opportunities within the classroom and beyond. Striving for excellence is not an option it is an essential part of the world we live in. We challenge pupils, staff, parents and our local community to aim for the stars. Excellence involves hard work and dedication, key aspects of what makes our environment unique.


If we are happy we will flourish! Happiness is infectious, we love to smile, laugh and celebrate achievements. We learn in a happy community where every day brings joy. Our key aim is for all pupils to be happy and confident individuals that play a key role within their community.