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Pupil Premium

Rationale for Pupil Premium Expenditure

Pupil Premium Funding is a Government initiative which provides additional funding to schools in order to raise the attainment of children from backgrounds considered to be disadvantaged. 

The intent for children entitled to pupil premium funding is to achieve excellence in all areas of learning including academically, emotionally and socially. We want our children to develop into well-rounded individuals and to demonstrate our values: respect, responsibility, honesty, team work, excellence and happiness. 

The aim of Pupil Premium Funding is to close the gap between disadvantaged children and the rest of the cohort and for their progress to be accelerated. We aim for our children entitled to pupil premium funding to have experiences in line with their peers and for there to be no barriers to their learning. 

Each year as a school we write a pupil premium report, which can be found below, highlighting the key challenges to achievement that we have identified among our disadvantaged pupils and our strategy to support overcoming this.  

The report details 5 intended outcomes and breaks down how the funding will be used across the academic year to support vulnerable pupils.  

We will provide emotional support based on needs for our children entitled to pupil premium funding to improve well-being and mental health. We will facilitate the engagement of enrichment activities for our children entitled to pupil premium funding and offer bespoke enrichment sessions. Children entitled to pupil premium funding will fully participate in school life and be active valuable members of our community with aspirations similar to or above those of their peers. 

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