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At Ravenscote we believe physical education should be an area of learning where self-esteem, physical progression and positive attitudes are fostered and nurtured. Physical Education provides all children with the opportunity to succeed, whether through personal or team success. Physical Education also promotes a healthy lifestyle which children can develop and value in adulthood.


PE provides children with the opportunity to learn how to be successful participants in physical activity. It allows children to understand what physical activity looks and feels like and how with practice they can improve their skills sets to reach high quality outcomes.

Year 3 and 4 children will participate in a range of gymnastics, dance and games activities. They will be able to demonstrate basic movements and begin to link skills together to work towards an intended outcome. They will start to understand the requirements of working within different group dynamics.

By the time children reach years 5 and 6 they will have a deep and varied PE experience. They will be able to call upon an extensive range of skills and link these together to perform more complex movements and tasks. They will have the confidence to work well within a variety of group dynamics and apply tactical and strategical thinking in a range of contexts under pressure. Children will be able to evaluate their own performance and that of others.


Lessons are planned to cover the national curriculum themes of athletics, dance, gymnastics, OAA and games (net & wall, invasion and striking & fielding). The curriculum considers the importance of both the breadth and depth of learning. The allocated 2 hours curriculum time is split between the class teacher and specialist PE teacher. The specialist PE teacher leads a variety of games, athletics and OAA topics in an outdoor setting. The class teacher leads dance, gymnastics and a range of games activities. The PE curriculum is taught using the Get Set 4 PE framework which provides extensive teaching and learning materials including video, music and visual aids to build teacher confidence and engage and inspire learners.

Lessons begin with a warm up activity to engage and focus pupils. Children then work through a range of progressive activities around a theme or intended learning outcome. There are opportunities to extend and challenge individual children and provide support for others. Lessons may be taught in isolation or linked over a number of weeks. A game, performance or task may be the focal point and can be revisited to allow skills to be refined and developed.

CPD opportunities take the shape of multi skilled and sport specific training events or webinars specific to delivering the Get Set 4 PE curriculum.


A Ravenscote child’s PE experience will provide a depth of learning in a positive and engaging environment. Basic underlying principles and skills will have been practised and children will have extensive opportunities to develop these into more complex processes. Children will have the confidence to try new things and take risks. They will be able to demonstrate quick decision making in a variety of game situations and team challenges. They will have a range of strategies for solving problems and show resilience to keep going when they find things difficult. Children will understand the benefits of working in different group dynamics. They will have the confidence to lead and support others. They will understand the importance of physical activity in a wider context and possess the skills and enthusiasm to develop their learning further.

Please click here to access our PE Policy document.

Year 3&4
“PE lessons help me to learn to play different games and sports so that I can get better.”
“PE lessons can help you to be healthy because they get you active by playing games and sports.”
“I like to try to complete challenges so that I can improve my skills.”
“In PE we learn lots of different games that we can play with our friends.”


Year 5&6
“PE is important because it helps you to stay fit and healthy.”
“My PE lessons help me improve my skills and become a better athlete.”
“PE lessons give us the opportunity to try new sports and activities like disc golf, pop lacrosse and handball.”
“PE shows me how I can help others by modelling different skills, sharing my ideas and leading games and activities.”
“My PE lessons help me to be more confident to play team sports with others.”

The following useful websites may aid with your child's learning.