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Ravenscote Junior School


Junior School


At Ravenscote, we teach the children maths in homogeneous groups, this allows for all children to be challenged. All groups receive the same coverage of the national curriculum across each year group. This content is taught using a range of resources, such as Maths No Problem and White Rose.  

When our pupils leave Ravenscote we want them to be rounded mathematicians, who are able to use National Curriculum concepts in context; understand mathematical language; as well as reason and problem solve. Therefore, the sequencing of the steps is well thought out and embedded in research. Problem solving, fluency and relational understanding are at the heart of the pupil’s learning and is found throughout every lesson. 

As a school, we use a Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract (CPA) approach to teaching new learning. This allows pupils all pupils to access the mathematical learning.  

CPA approach 

Concrete: physical resources with which children can represent the number, calculation or problem. For example, place value charts, counters and base 10 materials. 

Pictorial: diagrams, which children can draw or are presented with on which they can display the problem. For example, bar models, partitioning diagrams and arrays. 

Abstract: looking at a problem or question with just numbers and understanding what they represent, without needing a pictorial diagram or concrete resources.  

All children will have all three available to them when looking at a mathematical concept.  

Maths homework is set every other week so allow the children to have independence over their learning.  

We also use Times Table Rockstars to develop times tables fluency.