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Early Reading and Phonics

Early reading and phonics 

Reading is the absolute bedrock of our curriculum and unlocks the learning for all pupils. Without the ability to read, children aren’t equipped with the skills necessary to absorb and process new knowledge. We make it our priority for every child to learn to read by the end of their time with us, to ensure they are prepared for not just continuing education, but life. 

We recognise that every child begins their reading journey with us at different starting points and we make it our priority to ensure that children make accelerated progress in reading to ensure they are equipped for learning with us.  

Here at Ravenscote, we use the long-established Read, Write, Inc. programme to deliver our phonics and early reading provision to build the pupil’s decoding (word reading) skill. This is delivered in several ways: 

Read, Write, Inc. Phonics – These explicit 30-minute phonics sessions in Year 3 and 4 are designed to build children’s awareness of sounds and the letters that make them. In groups, pupils learn a new sound, as well as revisiting and embedding previously learned sounds. They then take the sounds they have already learned and then apply it to a range of story books, with sounds matched to their ability.  

Read, Write, Inc. Fast Track – These additional sessions complement the learning in the Read, Write, Inc. Phonics sessions, providing pupils with additional opportunities to build their confidence and fluency with the sounds they are learning. 

Read, Write, Inc. Fresh Start – Tailored specifically for children in Year 5 and 6, these sessions take the form of 15 to 20-minute sessions in a one-to-one or small group environment, building on the pupils’ understanding of phonics and applying it to lengthier, age-appropriate texts.