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Welcome back to the summer term

Dear Wonderful Ravenscote children,  

Welcome back to the summer term at Ravenscote Junior School. I know this is not the usual way I would welcome you back, but sadly we can’t all be together, as it is important for us to stay at home to keep us all safe and protect our community. Staying away from each other and from our amazing school will not last forever.

These are very unusual times and one day in the future, when this is all over, you will be telling your own children about the time that our brilliant school, community and world overcame a huge challenge, how we stuck together to help, support and care for each other. We are involved in history right now! The children of the future will learn about this!

Your fantastic teachers are thinking about you every day and they miss you too, all the staff in school do. The teachers have created these home learning activities to share with you and I hope you are working hard every day and trying your best to complete some activities, which are set for you. Remember, it doesn’t matter if you find some of these activities tricky, you just need to try your best. If you are stuck you can ask your parents/carers to email us for help. We have taught you how to be resilient learners and to persevere, so I know you will be great! We hope you liked the video we made for you all, if you haven’t seen it already please take a look on YouTube: (or search RJS friends on YouTube).

Remember to use this time to model our school values, I hope you are being respectful and honest to your families, showing responsibility and teamwork and enjoying this time you have together. I have really enjoyed seeing the photos some of you have sent to the home learning email address. You may want to send us a picture of you creating a rainbow. Then you might want to display these rainbows in your homes and take them out at 8pm on a Thursday evening to clap for all the Key Workers who are working hard to help those in need. Rainbows are a sign of hope. 

Let other people see how thoughtful and wonderful you are by talking to adults about what you may be worried about, as well as spreading kindness, happiness and positivity to your family at this time. 

I can’t wait to see you all when we return to school, we don’t know when that will be yet. Remember to be strong, keep smiling, spread hope, stay active and be brave, you are the most amazing children, so I know your families will be proud of how well you are coping. 

We are thinking of you,

Mrs A Wells                
Headteacher    (who misses you)