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Ravenscote Junior School


Junior School


Our Connected Curriculum aims to develop a pupil socially, academically and spiritually. Our primary aim is to help develop a child so they are able to become an active member of our school community and society.

Our children face challenges that impact on their social well-being, as a result our curriculum takes their personal development and welfare into account.

The subjects and topics we teach enable children to learn and develop new skills. Central to our school connected curriculum is the development of reading, writing and mathematics. Reading, writing and mathematics are essential to understand the world around us.

We align our topics and units of study with the revised national curriculum; however, we enrich our provision with key learning experiences that enable pupils to excel.

Subjects that enable children to develop their cultural and spiritual development are key. This is why we study a range of religions, artists and languages. The children learn Spanish to understand fully their spoken language of English. Studying the same language family enables them to deepen their knowledge of grammar, scientific language and a key European culture.

We enrich the learning experience with specialist teaching in music, Spanish and physical education. Our children can opt in to additional inter-school competitions on a Wednesday afternoon; alternatively they can attend gifted and talented language workshops or additional singing opportunities. All these experiences provide our children with the opportunity to develop a love of learning - they choose independently opportunities to really challenge themselves - this helps their personal development.

Helping a child to understand how to stay safe in modern society is essential. We teach children about road, fire and water safety. Keeping safe online is a vital skill. Understanding how to interpret and read information on Google is a key skill all children need to know. Our computing lessons enable pupils to comprehend how to spot dangers and the range of media they will experience.

Our connected curriculum evolves to meet the needs of our children. We have embedded coaching techniques with the children to provide them with the opportunity to question and discuss key issues in the world. For example, being given the chance to discuss terrorist attacks, natural disasters and worldwide events. Our curriculum helps our children to question, reason and problem solve.

Ravenscote has a clear language of learning and our enrichment activities support these. For example, every year group has an overnight experience. In year 3 we have the Big Night In, Year 4 has Hooke Court (2 night stay), Year 5 the Big Camp and year 6 a week long residential. These experiences enable our children to challenge themselves and discover talents they never knew they had.

This is a clear definition of our vision, 'Engage Enrich Excel.'

Our subjects are:

  • Reading, writing, mathematics, computing, science and religion
  • Physical education, music, art, Spanish and drama
  • History, geography, design technology, PSHE (Personal, social and health education)