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Ravenscote Junior School


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Helpful Tips and resources for home

We know this period of time is unsettling and we hope you might be able to find some useful information from some of these websites and resources. 


•Avoid excessive exposure to media coverage.

•Take care of themselves being mindful to do things that calm them such as relaxation, mindfulness, Sudoku, puzzles, exercise, hobbies and interests.

•To add extra time for stress relief in their day –not to use that time to scour the internet obsessively

•Connect with other people through calls/texts/internet

How to support children

•Reassure them that they are safe but are also able to talk when they feel upset

•Share your own stress and anxiety coping mechanisms with them so that they can learn how to cope

•Limit children’s exposure to the news - this website can give some help in how to talk to children 

•Create a sense of routine and structure

•Encourage resilience building - relaxation, interests, hobbies, exercise, eating and sleeping well, having routine and structure and keeping connected with family and friends.

We also have huge thanks to for allowing us to share these fantastic resources at this time to support with understanding the coronavirus and supporting the children's mental well-being.

Some useful links: - advice on talking to children - this website has some useful advice for children with SEND - this pdf tells the story of the coronavirus for children to understand