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Kingswood 2019 Day 4

Having a brilliant time - all the children are superstars!

Yesterday was a great day. It was a cloudy day and as the day went on we had to put more layers on. We had another 4 groups go body boarding and the water was rather chilly.

We had great fun putting on wetsuits but they were needed, we all came back with very cold feet and hands. Despite the temperature we enjoyed playing games and having mass water fights! The waves were very small but this resulted in hilarious games.

We actually went to bed early last night and most children were asleep within minutes. Today everyone looks well rested and we have the excitement of the disco tonight!!!

As this is Mr Morley's last year 6 residential today is Morley day, where we will chant his name over and over again.

This will be the last website update as we will be preparing to return tomorrow.

We are on the 14.00 crossing and will be aiming to return to school by 16.00. We will text you when we arrive in Portsmouth. Could I ask that you all park away from the school main gates as this can cause problems getting the coaches into the car park.

By the time we are back we will all need a rest and I have no doubt the children will be looking forward to their own beds. We cant promise the cases will be packed as well as they were at the start of the week but we can promise we bring back a bunch of superstars, that have made us all proud!

It is hard to believe they are in their last term with us!


Best wishes

Mr Harris and the Kingswood 2019 crew!