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Kingswood Update - 25.04.18

We had a great day of activities yesterday and most groups went body boarding in the sea! Swimming, surfing, shopping and eating were just some of the highlights!

Today we went to the beach to go body boarding and we had a great time. Putting on wet suits was great fun and for some a real challenge! When we arrived at the beach it lok beautiful...if not a little fresh!

If you were on a beach walk  you would have heard a few shouts of excitement, which tended to happen when the children went into the sea! It was a little cold, despite this they loved 'catching waves' and playing in the water. There were some children who ran in and ran straight out saying 'I'm not going back again', and these were the children that were last to get out of the water at the end of the session!! Good times!

Pocket money was handed out yesterday and the children went shopping. They enjoyed buying more sweets and eating them just before dinner! Despite this they ate really well. Some were realising that £5 does not last long when you buy a big bag of sweets!

In reflection last night we talked about resilience and how this week is about developing thier ability to overcome obstacles. They are doing well in all their activities but we did begin to see a few tired children yesterday, mainly due to the really early start! Needless to say this morning no one woke until 7am and it was quiet until 7.30am.

These weeks are crucial to help the children develop and grow. They are all about to embark upon a new challenge at the end of this term and the experiences this week will help to further develop their independence.

We had soem rain last night but today we have glorious sunshine - long may it last (fingers crossed!). Time to apply some sun cream and get ready for another day amazing day!

Best wishes

Mr Harris and the purple crew!