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Ravenscote Junior School


Junior School

Kingswood 2018

After an emotional goodbye we commenced our journey to the Isle of Wight. We had a brilliant trip here and the children were commended for their manners and behaviour whilst on the ferry. We managed to secure an outside on the ferry and all you could see was a sea of purple.

Once on the island we headed to Ryde beach and enjoyed lunch before playing in the sand. The first ten minutes of the beach were tranquil - mainly due to hungry children! They really enjoyed the beach and I think we threw all the pebbles on the beach back into the sea!

After an 'interesting' trip across the Island where a road closure saw us cause a mile long traffic jam, we arrived! The centre is great...very similar to a 6 star hotel in Dubai!

The children settled into their rooms and whilst some children made their beds others saw this as a huge challenge and gave up! All the staff had great fun just before bedtime putting on duvet covers - we hope we taught them a life skill, but we thought this when they were in year 4!

It never amazes me how children can open a case and their clothes explode onto the floor, yet the sweets are safely secured!

We had a great dinner and there was so much food, and all of the children had vegetables on their plates!!! I am unable to confirm whether all the vegetables were eaten or even touched! 

After evening activities and our reflection we went to bed and despite a few worries they were all asleep by 10.30pm. It was a long day but an amazing day. Of course if they go to sleep early they wake up early and the earliest was 5.30am, followed by football at 6.30am and basketball at 6.45am! Rest assured the children went back to bed, or at least into their rooms to tidy up! The phrase 'tidy up' has been interpreted in many ways so far, again part of the learning curve.

Today we have loads of fun planned and whilst some will be climbing heights, others will be body boarding. The weather so far has been great, fingers crossed it stays like this!

Today is a special day as it is Mr Simmons   birthday - what a way to celebrate your birthday a trip away with 151 children in top accomodation and as much as you can eat! It's not quite the all inclusive experience but it's close.

Anyway have to go as we have much more to achieve - I have put some photos on the website and will continue to do so until Thursday morning. If you haven't loaded our app yet please do so as its easier to view photos.

Wishing you the very best from the Isle of Wight.

Mr Harris and the 2018 Year 6 Purple Family!