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Kingswood 2019 Day 1

The adventure begins... so much fun to have!!!

It's day one of our adventure and we have been blessed with the weather...long may it last!

The journey here was smooth and the children have been amazing. The ferry crossing was great fun, all of us were on the top deck enjoying the wonderful views and lovely sunshine.

At the start of this experience everyone is full of excitement and looking forward to a week of challenges and adventure.

We arrived at Kingswood and were greeted to the sound of 'Welcome to the Isle of Wight' - this was the song on Britain's Got Talent at the weekend. The staff gave us a tour of the grounds and then we went to our rooms.

As you can imagine there was huge excitement unpacking and discovering our accommodation. Some found making the beds hard but all the children worked together to try and make their rooms look tidy. In some cases it appeared that the children had been living in the rooms for a month not half an hour - an explosion of clothes and a few sweets! Room inspection may be the hardest thing this week!

We started activities and will have dinner prior to an evening event. I'm not sure if we will all be asleep early, lights out are 10am but it may be a long night! All part of the fun...

I will put some photos in the gallery section each day so you can see what we are up to - most updates will be available to see about dinner time.

We hope you are all well and will think of you in our evening reflection.

Have a wonderful evening.

Kind regards

Mr Harris and all the staff!