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Ravenscote Junior School


Junior School

Whole School letters

Following are letters which have been sent out to all years:

  1. Surrey County Council Letter to Parents and Carers_June 2021.PDF File

  2. Whole School Greek Day letter - June 2021.PDF File

  3. Letter to Parents 14th June 2021.PDF File

  4. PTA Fathers Day 200621.PDF File

  5. Snapchat National Online Safety Guide.PDF File

  6. Roblox National Online Safety Guide.PDF File

  7. Brenda's Parent Induction Presentation.PDF File

  8. PTA Mufti Day 270521.PDF File

  9. PTA Agenda 130521.PDF File

  10. Book Signing - Sophie Kirtley.PDF File

  11. Wellbeing Award 28.04.21.PDF File

  12. New School App Instructions.PDF File

  13. Class Reps Poster.PDF File

  14. English Week 2021.PDF File

  15. Bear Collection - PTA News 080321.PDF File

  16. March arrangements letter to parents 050321.PDF File

  17. RHE Consultation Letter 3.3.21.PDF File

  18. Spring Parents' Evening.PDF File

  19. Testing Vaccinating leaflet.PDF File

  20. Parent Guide - Spring 2021 Parents Evening.PDF File

  21. School Council Newsletter 2.PDF File

  22. Letter to Parents 26.2.21.PDF File

  23. PTA News 240221.PDF File

  24. PTA News 220221.PDF File

  25. Half term Mindfulness-Activity-Pack.PDF File

  26. Brain-Break-Cards.PDF File

  27. Letter to Parents 4.2.21.PDF File

  28. School Council Newsletter Feb 21.PDF File

  29. Letter to parents 28.1.21.PDF File

  30. Internet safety letter to parents 2021.PDF File

  31. Letter to Parents 22.1.21.PDF File

  32. RJS Term Dates for 2021-2022.PDF File

  33. PTA News 120121.PDF File

  34. Letter from Mr Harris 12.1.21.PDF File

  35. Critical Workers Letter Jan 2021.PDF File

  36. Google meet Guide.PDF File

  37. PTA Newsletter 02.12.20.PDF File

  38. Lovelight Photography Newsletter (1).PDF File

  39. Family Support and Referral contacts - Dec 2020.PDF File

  40. PTA News 161120.PDF File

  41. Letter to parents 10.11.20 (1).PDF File

  42. Residential visits 2020-2021.PDF File

  43. SCC Consultation 2022 .PDF File

  44. PTA Chair Role.PDF File

  45. Parent Governor Vacancy letter (1).PDF File

  46. Ravenscote Code of Conduct for Parents-Carers-Visitors 2020 (1).PDF File

  47. Parking Letter 30.9.2020.PDF File

  48. Public Health England Letter 25.9.2020.PDF File

  49. google classroom parent guide 1.PDF File

  50. Letter from Mrs Wells 23.9.2020.PDF File

  51. Children starting school 2021 application information.PDF File

  52. Secondary School Application Information - year 6 pupils.PDF File

  53. Welcome 3.9.20.PDF File

  54. Letter to parents 28.8.20.PDF File

  55. Letter to parents 20.07.20.PDF File

  56. September arrangements letter to parents 17.07.20.PDF File

  57. RJS support line.PDF File

  58. Behaviour - After School Clubs.PDF File

  59. RJS Term Dates for 2020-2021.PDF File

  60. Attendance Leaflet.PDF File

  61. PTA News 240321.PDF File