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Ravenscote Junior School


Junior School

Whole School letters

Following are letters which have been sent out to all years:

  1. Adance Warning of Safety Improvements by SCC on Upper Chobham Rd and Old Bisley Rd.PDF File

  2. Monday 22nd July - Mr Morley Celebrations.PDF File

  3. Internal Clubs List and Application Form.PDF File

  4. Ravenscote Internal Club Listings.PDF File

  5. EXTERNAL CLUB LIST Autumn 2019.PDF File

  6. How to book and Changes to clubs.PDF File

  7. Diary Dates 2019 - 2020.PDF File

  8. Mr Morley Retirement Collection Letter to Parents.PDF File

  9. Headteacher for the day.PDF File

  10. Parent Lunch Letter June 2019.PDF File

  11. Social Networking Letter - May 2019.PDF File

  12. Headteacher Announcement April 2019.PDF File

  13. Attendance Leaflet.PDF File

  14. Staffing Structure letter to parents Feb 2019.PDF File

  15. MOMO-Online-Safety-Guide-for-Parents-FEB-2019.PDF File

  16. Parking Letter to Parents February 2019.PDF File

  17. Letter to Parents - Attendance Policy 2019 Changes.PDF File

  18. Ravenscote - Attendance Policy - January 2019-2020.PDF File

  19. Term Dates 2019-20.PDF File

  20. Attendance Leaflet.PDF File

  21. CS3857 - School Admissions 2019 - Primary school DL leaflet.PDF File

  22. CS3857 - School Admissions 2019 - Secondary school DL leaflet.PDF File

  23. Diary Dates AT 2018 to ST 2019.PDF File

  24. Ravenscote PTA.PDF File

  25. GDPR Parents info April 18.PDF File

  26. New School App Instructions.PDF File

  27. KS2 Reading Vipers.PDF File

  28. Parent and Pupil VLE Acceptable User Policy 2018.PDF File

  29. Supporting children after a frightening event.PDF File

  30. National Security letter.PDF File

  31. Run Hide Tell Leaflet.PDF File

  32. Ravenscote Junior Admissions Policy - 2018 - 2019 (1).PDF File

  33. Behaviour - After School Clubs.PDF File

  34. Term Conditions Ravens Roost.PDF File

  35. Parental consent form.PDF File