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Ravenscote Junior School


Junior School

Forest School



The aim of Forest School is to give Ravenscote pupils the opportunity to engage with nature in a way that enriches their learning and enables personal development. Through Forest School sessions children will:

  • Develop confidence and build self-esteem through engaging with managed risks.
  • Work collaboratively with one another.
  • Develop personal, social and emotional skills.
  • Gain respect for the environment and outdoor spaces.
  • Guide the learning through exploring their own interests.


Forest School sessions will take place once a week with Y3 pupils and will enrich their connected curriculum learning through providing strong links to the texts they are exploring in class. Through having every child take part in Forest School when they first arrive at Ravenscote, we ensure that pupils can embed the skills they have learnt and carry them through the school. 

Under the guidance of a fully qualified Forest school professional, pupils will be able to experience nature in a hands on, safe and supported environment. Forest School sessions will take place once a week and will enrich curriculum learning through providing strong links to the texts and topics they are exploring in class. At Ravenscote we are lucky to have a variety of outdoor learning spaces including wooded areas, a pond and large open spaces. Through embracing these environments and allowing children to explore them in a safe way will keep them engaged in their learning, enrich their experiences and enable every child to excel by learning at a pace led by them. Some of the activities in forest school may include:

  • Field study - minibeast hunts, tree and plant identification, treasure hunts based on senses, collecting ingredients for potions.
  • Bushcraft - Shelter building, whittling, campfires, knot tying.
  • Teambuilding - blindfold games, sharing of equipment, team games.
  • Conservation - Planting new trees, creating minibeast homes, coppicing, maintaining forest school areas by looking after pathways and litter picking.
  • Physical play - Climbing, lifting and building.


Implementing Forest School at Ravenscote will help our pupils to grow as learners and as well-rounded individuals. Skills they learn and develop in forest school sessions such as overcoming challenges, managing risks and working collaboratively will be transferred into the classroom helping every child to achieve their best whilst at Ravenscote. Pupils will develop respect for the environment and community in which they live, work to keep it safe for the future and leave Forest School equipped and ready with the skills they need to flourish.