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New Wisepay App

WisePay have launched a new App for parents on the go.

WisePay have made payments and bookings even quicker for Parents. You can access your WisePay account and receive latest messages from your school or college on any mobile device.

The App is available to download for both Apple and Android devices.

Please enter the Ravenscote Organisation Code 61994115 when registering.

Once logged in to the App, you do not need to log in again. The desktop and mobile version of your WisePay Service will remain, the App is an additional option.

The advantages of the App are you can store your card details (each card will need to be stored against each bank account that you use to take online payments), this will speed up checkout and also provides a ‘quick top up’ option for cashless catering.

Please note: If you have a second log on for your child’s accounts (for example separated parents) you will be able to use the App in exactly the same way but you are unable to store a credit/debit card on the account.