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Kingswood 2019 Day 3

Yesterday was a brilliant day! It’s amazing how much we fit into one day!

Yesterday was a brilliant day! It’s amazing how much we fit into one day! The children are behaving brilliantly and having a great time.

Several groups went to the beach and had fun body boarding and playing games in the sea. The beach is beautiful and it is such a magical place to learn. The only downside is the walk up the steep hill coming back with wet shoes and a body board. After time in the sea many children showered, which was great, however not all did!!! We have reminded all to shower today!

Today we have asked the children to do a few things:

  • Apply suncream
  • Drink lots
  • For a few, change the tops you have been wearing since Monday
  • And change your socks!!!

Fingers crossed they will do all 4!

Mrs Saleh’s room inspections have been going well and we have been impressed with how many rooms are immaculate. Some children have asked us not to report this as they say this is not the norm in their own bedroomsJ.

This morning we have woken up to clouds and hope for a little sun later. There are a number of photos on the website today. The challenge is ensuring we get every child! We have taken pictures of them in their groups to ensure this!

The food has been great, our meal times are 8.40am, 1.40pm and 6.40pm. This gives us plenty of time for free time and fun! Today we have the excitement of the shop!!!! Some will buy more sweets where as others will buy unique gifts that will become part of the family cabinet!

Have an awesome day!

Mr Harris and all the children and staff.