Ravenscote PTA's mission is to advance the education of the pupils of the school by providing and assisting in the provision of facilities for education which are not normally provided by the local education authority.” 

Every member of our school community is a member of our PTA. If we all contribute a little the impact on the children is considerable. Our PTA make a real difference to all the children.

The Ravenscote PTA is a registered charity, managed by parents & caregivers, teachers & support staff. The PTA is a thriving and committed group who meet regularly (2nd Monday of every month at 8pm) to discuss and explore ways in which to help build on, and contribute towards the school’s ongoing success.

The PTA organizes some key events:

  • Our Spectacular Fireworks Display
  • Discos for the children
  • Party in the Park

The PTA raise a huge amount of money every year and on average raise £30,000 to enhance and develop our learning environment.

For more information please go to our PTA website where you can also purchase tickets for events.


  1. PTA - Secretary required